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Why Use DMA Private Investigators?

The right team will bring you the facts, the timeline and closer to closure.

Delphin McRae & Associates Pty Ltd (incorporating Lynk Security Service) was founded in 1991. DMA provides investigative services to the Legal profession, Insurance companies, Commercial and Public sectors in all aspects of inquiries and process serving.


DMA provide a broad range of services to both the public, legal and corporate sector.  Every investigation is unique and therefore cannot be guaranteed a definitive result as you never know what problems will arise throughout each investigation.


The service we provide to solicitors, businesses and individuals varies little. The one exception is infidelity investigations which is a service mainly required by an individual rather than solicitors or business entities.  Other than for Family Law investigations and disputed wills, businesses use the same services as solicitors.


We strive to establish the truth of the matter based on facts legally obtained throughout the enquiry. The aim of our service is to provide evidence for legal disputes and the peace of mind of our client.


Much of what we do is simply listen and answer a clients’ questions to allay their concerns. No matter how big or small your concern, if we believe there is a prospect of assisting with the problem, we will discuss the options for the client who can then decide whether they would like to proceed with our services on the basis of that proposal.

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What do Private Investigators do?

Private investigators specialise in research, surveillance, and other methods of investigation. Many are from police background although this is not a prerequisite as all investigators need to have completed and qualified under a recognised state and/or territory course in order to hold a private investigator license. Private investigators may be employed by private individuals, companies,…

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