The tracing of missing persons is a niche skillset, which few investigators specialise in. So, you need to ensure you seek the help of an experienced provider as the locating of a missing person is unique to each case. It can involve lost contact and/or you have never actually met the person you’re looking for. There are numerous people who go missing each year and the reasons are varied.

You might want to get in touch with a family member or old friend or track down a person who owes you money. It might be necessary to find a witness in a legal dispute or a beneficiary in a deceased estate. It has become easier in the age of social media but there are still plenty of people who are hard to find.

Regardless of the circumstances, most people are located – it is usually a question of time.

The more comprehensive personal detail provided to the investigator the greater chance of location.

Investigators generally locate missing persons by conducting database searches and by searching these records carefully, most missing persons can be found. Sometimes, other types of inquiries are also necessary, and an experienced private investigator can advise you accordingly.

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Why Hire a Private Investigator?

You can save a considerable amount of time, effort, and money in hiring the services of a Private Investigator to locate a missing person. …

Follow the simple rules below to get the best possible outcome at a reasonable price. An investigator should always request the details you have for the subject person before quoting accurately.

  1. Provide the investigator with current and historic details for the person you are trying to locate, i.e. phone/mobile number, any known old address, known friends/relations, photograph, club, or member affiliations, vehicles, etc
  2. If a missing person has indicated that they do not wish to be located, we advise you not to attempt to investigate the matter yourself.  Either seek the services of an experienced licensed private investigator or police.

If you’re considering undertaking a Missing Persons Investigation, call DMA Private Investigations.

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